What is a Colour Consultation Service?

A lot of people have asked me recently to explain what exactly a colour consultation Service is. I will try to explain here and include the service that I typically offer.


Colour Consultations

Getting a colour ‘ right ‘ can transform a room from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Never underestimate the impact of colour! It effects our mood and wellbeing and often reflects it too.Those of you who struggle with combinations that work and how to achieve a cohesive colour palette, this is the package for you.
We offer this a Colour Consultation Service within 4 areas:

In Home Colour Consultation

If you have an array of tester pot experiments on your wall and don’t know which to choose, this is where we can restore calm! A house visit, will allow us to see the room in its natural light and the space and volume. We can guide you with towards a beautiful colour palette that will enhance the feeling of the room.

Online Colour Consultation

Prior to this consultation we simply need some images of the space in natural day light and evening light. We can then guide you through the colour palette that will revitalise your room and talk you through it on ‘zoom ‘ so we can see it virtually. This is an extremely times saving and cost effective method of achieving the right look.

Commercial Colour Consultation

Areas such as Hospitality, Retail, Sports, Entertainment and Education will know that choosing the best colours will potentially have an enormous impact psychologically on the inhabitants of the space. This is turn will increase spending potential and consumerism or work output, depending on the nature of the building. The Brand and associated colours, are also critical where appropriate.

Corporate Consultation

This is predominantly for office suites and blocks
Colour as we are all aware of can have a huge role to play in our general wellbeing. In the work place this can have a knock on effect with productivity and ultimately stimulate creativity which is surely a good thing for all!

There are 6 steps to Corporate consultation and Commercial consultation

1.  A phone/ online consultation where we will have an informal chat and take the initial information and details from the client and book a second consultation.
2.  The second call/on line consultation allows us to discuss the project in more detail and establish a brief from the client. We will also arrange an on site visit.
3.  The Visit. At this point we will go through the brief in its entirety and establish the aspirations and requirements of the client.The Image and brand of the organisation are also key factors with regard to colour palette.
4.  The colour consultant will then assess the space. General layout, space-planning and lighting are key components to be considered.
5.  A range of colour palettes will be discussed with the client to ensure that everyone is singing from the same page!
6.  Following the on site consultation, the client will be sent a written specification and visual display of the colour choices.

Our Approach to Colour

I believe that the most important thing is that we are here to drag you out of your comfort zone. Our mission is to create a look that reflects entirely what you wanted, but perhaps with a slightly more unique and bespoke “look”. Otherwise, why employ us? Get the best out of us and our training….stretch our creativity. The result should be escaping the monotony of another lifeless home without a touch of “The Stepford wives!”