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Property Styling

Commercial Property Styling Services

Think Interior Design offers a commercial property styling services which is perfect for all sorts of businesses and offices. The aim is to create a scheme that is desirable to the broadest range of the intended target market. A fantastic first impression and lifestyle ‘vibe,’ is at the forefront of the designer’s mind. Space must be shown to its maximum potential and creative use of colour employed, to maintain the potential buyers interest. We want the intended buyer to literally have to drag themself away, desperately wanting the lifestyle presented to them! We’ve all been there! 

Who can benefit from Commercial Property Styling?

This service is largely aimed at developers and landlords (including Airbnb). The aim is to achieve the look of a lifestlyle that the future habitants will feel they can relate to or aspire to. Whether selling or letting your property, this option provides a fully comprehensive styling service that enables the future resident to feel that they can collect the keys and jump into the lifestyle immediately!

Please see my interior design packages for information on my fees. Bear in mind that, one size does not fit all and I welcome a chat to discuss your particular needs.

“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”

-Winston Churchill

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