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Interior Design vs Home Styling

You are probably shouting at your screen (I know I do!) wondering what is the difference between property styling, home styling and Interior design. As a matter of fact, there are in fact some key differences:


Home styling

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary! Think of it as the interior version of cosmetic surgery! We all secretly want a bit, but are perhaps a bit nervous to take the plunge or worried its too expensive!

A much loved and used space, can be treated to a much deserved face lift! A little bit of magic designer botox can soon smooth out the wrinkles and reform it to its former glory!
This can be achieved through repositioning furniture, pictures etc and ‘ injecting’ some colour and a few key items to the room. That room will be the talk of the town again, just like in its hay day!

Interior design

The approach of an Interior designer, should be to escape the generic ‘sameness’ of so many houses. Equally important, the interior designer should cater for the individual needs and aspirations of the homeowners. The design should be tailored to fit the specific requirements of the person or family involved. The clients design preferences and influences should be carefully incorporated into the scheme to achieve the best possible outcome. A good designer will nudge the client outside their comfort zone, encouraging them to take a greater leap of creativity. This will raise the design to the next level. 

Interior designers are trained in this field. They deal with aesthetics and spatial design. Detailed drawings are produced, along with mood boards. There are occassions where interior architecture and bespoke joinery are required. In addition, architects, structural engineers and of course trades may be needed to complete the design brief.

Property styling

The aim of property styling (think show homes, airbnbs, offices, commercial building interiors) is to create a scheme that is desirable to the broadest range of the intended target market. A fantastic first impression and lifestyle ‘ vibe,’ is at the forefront of the designers mind. Space must be shown to its maximum potential and creative use of colour employed, to maintain the potential buyers interest. We want the intended buyer to literally have to drag themself away, desperately wanting the lifestyle presented to them! We’ve all been there!