Gail - My Approach to Interior Design

Life is not black and white; we live it in colour. I think this sums me up too, and my approach to life and design!


A little bit about me

It’s never easy to talk about yourself (in fact I hate it when people assume we want to know everything about them! There are limits!!!) so with that in mind, here goes!

I spent my childhood moving from house to house….this Nomadic lifestyle was due to my parents being years ahead of the now popular “do-er upper.” They both had the “eye” and could spot a an ugly duckling waiting to be transformed a mile off! Last time I counted, they rescued 15 neglected houses over a 25 year span! Not bad! this is without doubt where my interest in architecture and interiors was fostered!


I went on to train in Architecture in Dublin, and moved across to the world of Interiors, working in London offices. I worked for several London based design practices.

This involved high end projects for high profile clients at an Interior design studio in Sloane square. I then moved across to an Architectural practice at Canary Wharf, specialising in FCO work (Government offices overseas ie Ambassador’s Residences etc) and warehouse conversions.
From this varied experience within the different tiers of residential design, I gained an ability to understand the needs of the client as an individual, however diverse they may be.
I enjoy the spark of interacting with people. I love to chat, and more importantly, I love to listen and translate this communication into a design that reflects everything the client wishes for and more!
Children arrived with a bang in my early 30’s, and over the next few years, I dipped in and out of the madness of motherhood and the creativity of Interior design, while we navigated through the kiddie years. Now, I have a little more breathing space, I am once again immersing myself in the Interior design world!!!

Style Ethos

My own personal style is quite organic and simple. I like  pared down simplicity, with the use of natural materials that are sustainable. This creates a calm environment in which to live. In contrast to this, often I like to inject a splash of colour to awaken your senses and bring an element of joy to the space.
Also, being a mother of three children, has undoubtedly aided my awareness of the importance of space saving and storage solutions! This is another key part of my design ethos, as we all live in a world where we have too much and not enough space to put it in. A space should not only look beautiful, but it should be performing its function to its best ability.