bathroom with patterned bath

Bathroom Trends for 2021

How to use 6 current style trends to achieve a stylish bathroom for 2021 


Geometric bathrooms have become increasingly popular. Tiles chosen in these bathrooms are often geometric or angular in form. This works particularly well in many bathrooms, as often this may be one of the smaller rooms of the house. The fusion of very sharp angles meeting sharp edges can give the room a strong architectural identity.

The current trend for cubic style bathroom products, sits comfortably beside this geometric style. Usually, due to the dominant nature of a geometric pattern, it is allocated only on one face of the bathroom interior, ie: a feature wall, or on the floor, as this allows the rest of the bathroom not to get ‘lost.’ Strong colour can be used with graphic design to give it greater impact, and create a more powerful effect. 


We all remember the colourful bathroom suites of the 1970’s, well guess what ” COLOUR IS BACK!” As with all fashion revivals, there is always an update and twist. “IN” are strong, bold shades of colour, “”OUT” are the avacado suites of the 70’s and 80’s. 

Colour has also been introduced to sanitary ware. We see the emergence of yellow and pink taps. If you have a small bathroom but want to use colour, surprisingly colours such as black and teal can in fact be very effective. They make a strong statement about the space. Monochromatic use of colour also achieves a larger feel to the room. Deep greens are currently very popular for bathrooms. In contrast to this pastel shades are also making a resurgence.
Bathrooms can afford to be an indulgent space. They can allow you to run away and play with your imagination. They allow the opportunity to create  perhaps a small, but unique space, be it glamorous, elegant or simple, the sky is the limit! 
All these different looks can be achieved through clever colour choices. Blocks of solid colour can also work in bathrooms. Let your imagination run wild!!!
stylish bathroom with pattern tiles
bathroom with pink tiles


There are a range of wallpapers that are suitable for wet spaces. The outer skin of the wallpaper is entirely waterproof, so is protected when it comes into contact with water. These wallpapers can create the illusion of a beautiful piece of art. They can  add a dramatic effect to the bathroom. With the increased trend towards using patterns in bathrooms, this can be a creative solution to achieve this.
Why have wallpaper in a bathroom?
– For a start, it solves the problem of grout lines, which are obviously part of the tiling process, which in times becomes dirty, and possibly mouldy. It can also be time saving and possibly therefore more cost effective.
– Wallpaper can also add a dramatic punch to a bathroom as the print can be anything, it is not as restricted as tiling.
Specialist installers, providing different glues and sealants will ensure that it is fully sealed and water tight once on the walls. (behangfabriek,com are specialist suppliers)


As with all trends, they come and go, and currently we are seeing a move towards the use of terrazzo as a material of choice for bathrooms. There are a few reasons why this is such a great material for this particular room:
– There are terrazzo’s that are non-porous, and resilient towards water and staining.
– Due to this non-porous nature, they are also very resistant to bacteria, so in a warm, moist space like a bathroom, this is an excellent choice of material.
Terrazzo is a combination of glass chippings, marble or granite, embedded in  concrete or an epoxy resin. The patternation varies, according to the different size of its components. Terrazzo flooring is built to last, and is almost limitless as to what you can do.
It is incredibly durable and low maintenance. One disadvantage may be, that it can be slippery, so may not be suitable on bathroom floors, where you may have young families.
Currently the trend is for larger glass chippings than previously seen. This is possibly linked to the resurgence of angular, geometric inspired bathrooms. It is important to note that it can be laid in slabs, as tiles or alternatively cast in-situ.


At the moment, as I have said there is a move towards the use of colour. For the last couple of decades white and cream bathrooms have dominated. We are now ready to embrace colour again, along with all the joy that it brings!
For those who do not want to try strong solid colours, the use of sherbet tones is a great way to make bathrooms zing! Through a gentle pastel palette, you can achieve a relaxed, calm, space. 
Currently, its almost an ice-cream palette that people are gravitating towards.Pale pinks, mint and mellow yellows are popular choices.


It seems paradoxical, using wood in a wet space.With increased technology, it has now become quite popular to use wood in bathrooms. After all, wood and water are both natural elements and sit very comfortably beside each other.
If used with consideration, timber can be done as an eco-friendly option.
There are three main methods to waterproof wood:
1. The wood can be sealed, using polyurethane, lacquer, or varnish.
2. Wood can be treated with a stain, plus sealant combination.
3. Linseed or Tung oil can be applied.
Marine ply is increasingly popular in minimalist style bathrooms. Marine varnish is a good way of sealing wooden surfaces. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article picked up some inspiration on bathroom trends for 2021.